2- A 16 years old female patient presenting with history of convulsions for 2 years and is on Carbamazipine. She also developed arthritis. ANA and ds-DNA were positive .MRI brain revealed bilateral fronto-parietal abnormal congenital cortical sulcation and cortical thickening paching gyria and maleorientation of central fissures more evident on left side for clinical correlation (Neuronal Migration disorder associated with autoimmune disease).

1-CXR: Bilateral lower zonal patchy and rounded heterogeneous opacities in a case of SLE and 2ry APS presenting with haemoptysis. ABG showed hypoxic hypocapnea. On the right, It was complemented (to image 1) with a CT chest which revealed Scattered wedge shaped consolidative changes within both lung field and fibrotic scarring within lower and right upper lung lobes with minimal cavitation within., a picture suggestive of pulmonary infarcts. Duplex LL were free.