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Welcome to the department of Rheumatology and Rehabilitation, Faculty of medicine , Cairo University. We are community of educators and investigators aiming to provide an intellectual environment for our undergraduate and postgraduate students. We would like to transmit important practical scientific knowledge in Rheumatology field that ensures accurate diagnosis and proper management which always includes the new modalities. We are keen to achieve better scientific standards for our members and better service for our patients.Your suggestions are welcomed for better service through our website.

Our Mission:

The Department of Rheumatology & Rehabilitation will combine excellence in teaching, research, academic service, and clinical service to inspire and train new experts and to maintain a leadership position in contributing new knowledge in this field. In achieving this, the department will:

1. Participate in the educational mission of Cairo university by contributing Rheumatology & Rehabilitation expertise to undergraduate, graduate and medical students, postdoctoral and continuing medical education programs;

2. Provide an optimal environment and coordinate available resources for conducting research into daignosis prevention and treatment;

3. Provide academic service at local, national, and international levels by participating in University, professional, community, and governmental activities;

4. Provide expert treatment for all aspects of Rheumatic autoimmune disease, Musclo-skeletal diseases including inpatient and outpatient and rehabilitation;

5. Provide opportunities and encouragement for faculty, staff, residents, and students to advance their careers in this field;

6. Provide an environment supportive of teamwork, clear and open communication and collaboration with other individuals and organizations; and, seek out and effectively manage resources to maintain a financially sound Department, in support of the Department mission.